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Mindfulness Based Stress




New Class! Spring 2020

Free Orientation March 11th at 6pm

MBSR is a program that was created by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn through the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. It is designed to help people develop skills to notice and change "automatic pilot" patterns that can cause or add to the stress in our lives.


Mindfulness practices allow us to develop the skill to pay attention and be plugged into our moment to moment experience. This can help us see things from a wider perspective and learn how to shift patterns and reactions that can inadvertantly add to the stressors in our lives. Over the course of the program you will build mindfulness skills through the practice of a variety of straight forward guided meditations and an exploration of the stress response. There is gentle stretching component that can be adjusted to all physical abilities.


MBSR has been the subject of a great deal of research in the fields of medicine, mental health and neuroscience.  It has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure and in some cases improve immune responses.


Mindfulness programs have been embraced by many forward thinking corporations, hospitals, athletic teams and institutions of higher learning as an essential component of their wellness initiatives. 


MBSR is offered in a group setting over 8 weeks. Each weekly session is approximately 2 1/2 -3 hours long. There is a full day of mindfulness offered on a Saturday toward the end the 8 week course.

Class sizes are currently limited to 10 participants. Classes are appropriate for individuals 18 and over. Cost of the full course is $375 per participant. Please refer to the class schedule under the "More" icon.


If you are interested in learning more about  MBSR and the classes offered please send a note to the email below.  I am also available to speak to businesses and organizations about providing programs to staff and clientele.

To reserve your spot contact Lori at

Classes will be held at Cornerstone Naturopathic, 14 Old School Rd, Upper Tantallon, N.S.

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